World Startup Festival (WSF) is a global entrepreneurship platform based in California, bringing together startup entrepreneurs, governments, corporations and community leaders from the 10 regions of the world, to create a global movement for youth entrepreneurship and future businesses in the wake of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

WSF works in association with the OECD in Paris and in collaboration with 7 out of 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). WSF is a super connector and incubator of startup businesses around the world, providing startup funding, mentorship and training, investor engagement, cross-border business collaboration, international market access and expansion, media exposure, networking events, ratings and awards.

WSF is governed by a President presiding over the International Board as the highest governing entity, followed by the Ambassador Group comprising the regional representatives, and the Secretariat, comprising the working group that oversees the executive function of the organization.

WSF is based on 3 pillars namely the WSF Labs, WSF Media and WSF Festival.

WSF Labs is the training component of WSF which conducts incubation and accelerator programmes to help startups grow their ideas, get funding for their ideas and scale them, through carefully designed programmes.

WSF Media is the outreach component of WSF which provides a vehicle for startups to achieve regional and international visibility, through the WSF magazine and the WSF Press Club.

WSF Festival is the networking component of WSF which organizes annual networking Festivals, bringing together startups, the investor community, corporations, governments and civil society, into one single platform to brainstorm policies, exchange ideas and forge collaborations.

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