Welcome to the World Startup Festival!

WSF is a global entrepreneurship platform with the tagline “Celebrating Entrepreneurship”, which uniquely captures the best of entrepreneurial spirit, diversity, vibrancy, and creative innovation of young people and women across the globe.

There has never been a greater need today for an organization that functions as a governing body for budding entrepreneurs worldwide. With the advent of internet technology, the young people of today are probably the most highly educated and creative generation in our modern history, yet their future is precarious. Technological advancements today are so drastic, that jobs are not secure anymore, and businesses will change forever. We are at a critical crossroad as we depart from the traditional to the modern. Can our education system reflect this change? Can our societies provide the right support to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs?

WSF provides an answer to this predicament. As a global entrepreneurship platform that vies to become the governing body of startup businesses worldwide, WSF has a mandate of creating businesses that thrives in the 4th Industrial Revolution. WSF believes that the only way this can happen, is to include all stakeholders in society to contribute to this global project.

Businesses not only thrive because of funding, but because of the community. It is when entrepreneurs, investors, governments, the fourth estate, and civil society come together and provide an interconnected support structure, that successful businesses are born. Facebook can only become a behemoth it is now because of a vibrant ecosystem in the USA. If we can create those ecosystems in local markets around the world, we stand to create more Facebooks in our societies, creating newfound wealth for the economies. We call this the “Chinatown Effect” and this is what we seek to achieve.

We are staunch believers of a world of new opportunities. We invite you to be part of this journey together.

Let's make it happen!

Freda Miriklis

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