International Board

The International Board is the highest governing entity of the World Startup Festival that charts the global entrepreneurship agenda. They determine the upcoming topics and trends, and design the overall strategy and roadmap of the global startup ecosystem, mooted during the annual IB meeting convened a day prior to the annual Festival.

Freda Mirklis

Raphael Tay
Legal Counsel

Samba Bathily
Mali (Africa)

Aziz Senni
France (Europe)

Atef Elshabrawy
Bahrain (Middle East)

Shinta Dhanuwardoyo
Indonesia (Southeast Asia)

Teymoor Nabili
UK (Europe)

Osama Manzar
India (South Asia)

Alexander Boehmer
Germany (Europe)

Pacita Juan
Philippines (Southeast Asia)

Charles Murigande
Rwanda (Africa)

Jim Jaime Edwards
US (North America)

Matthew Goldie-Scot
UK (Europe)


WSF Ambassadors are the representatives of the various regional startup ecosystems, working together with governments and corporate partners. They function as emissaries connecting regional stakeholders with WSF.

Sandrine Mayen
France (Europe)

Ismail Nabe
Guinea (Africa)

Kim Jin Woo
South Korea (East Asia)

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