WSF™ Press Club

WSF™ Press Club is an exclusive club of respected media agencies and journalists working together to source and disseminate startup-related news to the international business community. WSF Press Club members cover startup news and publish them in their respective networks in return for priority access to WSF events and programmes, as well as other benefits and privileges.

WSF Media delivers updates from ten regions namely Oceania, Asia, Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, European Union and the United Kingdom, South America, North America and Central America. WSF Press Club members play a crucial role in delivering news from their respective regions in the form of articles, infographics and videos. Approved content will be published in the WSF Newsroom, WSF Magazine, or the WSF Social Media platforms, with deserved credits to the author. WSF Press Club members also facilitate with the coverage of local WSF events happening in their respective regions.

Here are the benefits and privileges of becoming a WSF Press Club member:

  1. An opportunity to be part of a vibrant, multinational and multicultural society, composed of people from diverse age groups and background.
  2. A unique identity number which provides fast-track and seamless access into any WSF events happening around the world.
  3. Bylines with the member’s name/company/media agency in the approved hardcopy and digital copy versions of the written article. The digital byline links readers to the archive of articles by the member.
  4. The listing of the member’s name/company/media agency on the WSF Press Club page in the magazine.
  5. The permission to utilise the WSF ™ logo as a Media Partner in events organised by WSF Press Club members
  6. The permission to utilise the WSF™ logo on the name card of a WSF Press Club member
  7. An opportunity to participate in the annual WSF Media competition for the best media coverage, with a chance to win a sponsored flight and accommodation to the annual WSF Festival.


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